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[ Thumbnail: Simple, Plain & Custom "Thanks So Much!" Card ]
This simple and plain silver foil thank-you greeting card design features the message "Thanks So Much!" on the front, along with a customized message on the inside. It also features decorative oval shapes. It could be used to show appreciation to somebody who has done a special deed.
[ Thumbnail: Simple, Plain, Clean, Elegant Wedding Guest Book ]
This customizable wedding guest book design features a simple, clean, plain appearance, with white text on a dark background. The names and date can be personalized.
[ Thumbnail: Sing Me Songs! Baby Beanie ]
This design features a request like, "Auntie Georgiana, sing me songs!", along with many musical notes and symbols of various sizes and colors. The singer's name can be personalized.
[ Thumbnail: Taupe & Black Lines, Customizable Monogram Letter Card ]
This simple yet elegant design features taupe- and black-colored lines, along with a personalized single-letter monogram, on one side. The other side contains customizable name, title/role/profession and contact info details.
[ Thumbnail: Two Bicycle Silhouettes Address Label ]
This address label design features two simple black bicycle silhouettes, along with personalized name and address details.
[ Thumbnail: Unsophisticated Custom Family Name + Address Self-Inking Stamp ]
This simple rubber stamp design features a personalized family name plus a personalized mailing or house address. It also features a row of diamond shapes.
[ Thumbnail: Yellow & Orange Circle/Ring Pattern Label ]
This return address label design features a pattern involving numerous circles/rings colored various shades of yellow and orange. The name and address info can be personalized.
[ Thumbnail: Yellow and Orange Curved Lines + Personalized Name Luggage Tag ]
This luggage tag design features yellow and orange curved lines, along with a customizable name. The contact info on the back can be personalized.
[ Thumbnail: Yellow Text Custom Name On Orange Background Wireless Keyboard ]
This simple design features a personalized name in yellow text on an orange background.
[ Thumbnail: Yellow Text Custom Name On Orange Bath Mat ]
This simple bath mat design features a personalized name in yellow on an orange background.
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