Muncastor’s Select

[ Thumbnail: "VERY GOOD!" + Purple and White Striped Pattern ]
This sticker design features a striped pattern with lines colored various shades of purple or white. It also features the motivational saying "VERY GOOD!" in red and purple colored text. Stickers like these could perhaps be used by a teacher, an educator or a tutor to acknowledge and motivate a student who has done well on a test, quiz, paper, project, or some other school or academic assignment.
[ Thumbnail: First Name "KINSLEY": Fun Rainbow Coloring ]
This fun, vibrant, multicolored design features the common first name "KINSLEY" having a colorful rainbow spectrum like coloring pattern. It might be a fun present to give to somebody who is named Kinsley.
[ Thumbnail: Lines Colored Various Shades of Red or Pink ]
This design features a pattern involving lines/stripes of various widths that are colored various shades of red or pink.
[ Thumbnail: Ice Hockey Rink-Inspired Stripes Hitch Cover ]
This design features stripes with colors inspired by th colors of an ice hockey rink. The blue is inspired by the rink's two blue lines, and the red by the center red line. The yellow is inspired by the yellow kick plate at the bottom of the boards. The white/gray colors are inspired by the colors of the boards and the ice.
[ Thumbnail: Fun Fireworks + Rainbow Pattern "54" Birthday # ]
This fun, vibrant tearaway placemat design features a colorful celebratory fireworks inspired pattern, along with the number "54" featuring a multicolored rainbow like gradient pattern, on a black colored background. It also features a customizable name and event message. Tearaway paper placemats like this might be used at a party being held to celebrate somebody’s fifty fourth birthday.
[ Thumbnail: Fun Vintage/Retro Video Game Look 47th Birthday ]
This simple, fun birthday greeting card design features a message like "HAPPY 47th BIRTHDAY, NAMEHERE!". It also features a fun, pixelated look reminiscent of the appearance of retro 8-bit era video games of the 1980s and early 1990s. The name on the front and the message on the inside can be customized. It could be sent or given to somebody who is celebrating their forty seventh birthday, and who enjoys playing retro computer games.
[ Thumbnail: Custom Initial + Stripes of Blue Pattern ]
This beach towel design features a pattern of stripes or lines colored various shades of blue. It also features a customized initial letter in white colored text within a dark square area on the front.
[ Thumbnail: Attention-Grabbing "VISITOR" Name Tag ]
This attention-grabbing name tag style visitor badge design features the message "VISITOR", and a customizable company name or other custom message. A name tag style badge like this could be used to indicate that a visitor or guest at a workplace is allowed to be there.
[ Thumbnail: Dark Blue and Lighter Blue Stripes Pattern ]
This design features a pattern involving dark blue and lighter blue stripes (lines).
[ Thumbnail: Bold, Eyecatching "Birthday Wishes!" Card ]
This bold, eyecatching silver foil birthday greeting card design features the message "Birthday Wishes!" on the front, along with a personalized message on the inside. It could be used to wish a happy birthday to somebody.