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[ Thumbnail: "I Have Severely Injured My Groin!" T-Shirt ]
This shirt design features the message, "PLEASE PARDON MY SLOW MOVEMENT! I HAVE SEVERELY INJURED MY GROIN!" on the front and the back.
[ Thumbnail: I Am in Severe Pain! I Have Injured My Groin! T-Shirt ]
This shirt features the message, "I am in SEVERE PAIN! I have INJURED MY GROIN!".
[ Thumbnail: Please Show Me Compassion ... Groin Injury! T-Shirt ]
This silly design features the saying, "Please show me compassion; I have injured my groin!".
[ Thumbnail: Your Devastating Groin Injury Card ]
This silly get-well card features a picture of a broken bone and the message "I wish you a quick recovery from YOUR DEVASTATING GROIN INJURY!"