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[ Thumbnail: Your Behavior Displeases My Rook (Chess Piece) T-Shirt ]
This silly chess-themed design features the message, "Your behavior displeases my ROOK", along with a representation of a rook chess piece.
[ Thumbnail: “Confidential Documents” + Warning Stripes ]
This silly design features the message “CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS”, along with a pattern of black and yellow caution stripes.
[ Thumbnail: “Database Administrator” Or Your Highness T-Shirt ]
This silly shirt design features the message, "My official job title is “Database Administrator” but you can just call me YOUR HIGHNESS"
[ Thumbnail: … Programmers Cannot Write Good Database Queries! T-Shirt ]
This silly, fun, database administrator themed shirt design features the smug message, "It’s a well-established fact that programmers cannot write good database queries!". It could be a silly gift for a professional database admin (DBA).